Wallpaper Cards



Introduction: Wallpaper Cards

In this tutorial you will learn how to elegant cards for every occasion in a personalized yet low cost way. 

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Step 1: Supplies

The most important supply is an old wallpaper sample book you can find at your local paint store usually for about $1.  Next, you will need cardstock or just some type of paper/construction paper will work. Any type of adhesive will work, I like to use glue sticks and/or modge podge. Xacto knifes work well for cutting out specific shapes from the wall paper book, but scissors are fine as well. I usually like to use paint pens as well, either to personalize your cards or just to add design.  Watercolor can be nice if you are feeling ambitious. 

Step 2: Paper Product Options

Tissue paper, pre-made blank cards, and laminating sheets are some materials you can considering using as well. 

Step 3: Shapes and Patterns

You can mix and match by cutting out shapes from your wallpaper samples such as trees and hearts. Or you can find pictures/parts of your wallpaper that you like and incorporate those. 

Step 4: Example 1

In this card, I used modge podge to adhere tissue paper to cardstock. Then cut out this cupcake shape from three different wall paper samples. 

Step 5: Watercolor Example

In this card I layered wallpaper, tissue paper, and watercolors. I've also added mini-rhinestones (with superglue) which can be nice. 

Step 6: Pre-made Card Sample

This is an example where I have used a pre-made card. I just cut out the fleur de lis shape from a wall paper and inserted it in the cut out section of this card. 

Step 7: Alternate Materials

In this example I have actually used a very thin piece of wood purchased from a hobby store (usually used for making plane models) and decorated it by using paint pens.

Step 8:

Hopefully these examples have inspired and help you make your wall paper card creations, perfect for any occassion and easliy personalized. 

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