Walmart Rc Car Upgrade

Introduction: Walmart Rc Car Upgrade

Are you tired of always swapping out AA/AAA batteries from Walmart RC cars,and maybe you want just a little extra power in your car.
Well this is the instructable for you.
Today I will share how I upgraded a few of my rc cars.

You will need:
RC car that runs off of AA/AAA that you don't mind messing with (and possibly breaking)
Lipo rc battery (this will very depending on the car)

Soldering iron
Screwdriver(will also very)
Electrical tape (optional)
Dremel tool with bits ( optional)

WARNING only do this project with adult supervision!!! There is a chance of Jim shocked and the possibility of fire if you do this wrong! please do not complete this project without adult supervision!!
I take no responsibility for any mishaps or injuries to you/ people during this project!

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Step 1: Batteries!!

This is crucial, if you don't get this correct your car will be fried! Open the battery compartment and remove all the battery's from inside.
Next count how many batteries were in the RC car, multiply 1.5 V by however many batteries you have, it should look like this, 1.5 x 6=9 or
1.5 x 3=4.5, it all depends on how many batteries do you have.
Once you have this information do you know what voltage lipo battery you need, you probably won't get the exact voltage in need with the lipo ,but if you can't get the exact voltage go to the next lowest voltage, my car for instance my car needs 9 V but I am using a 7.4 V lipo battery. Your car will still work great it would actually work better than a a batteries the difference is in the themselves batterys. the lipos can let their charge out faster than AAA or AA Batteries. Make sure you do not go for a higher voltage battery as there is a possibility you could blow something up....

Step 2: Remove the Cover

Remove all of the screws/pins to take the top body of the RC car off, you may need to loosen some screws to get to the circuit board.
I have electrical tape wrapped around because the Shocks were falling out of the main body.

Step 3: Find a Home for Your Battery

You have to be very careful not to break off any of the wires I did one of these and almost every single wire broke off, it was a nightmare.
Find the wires coming from the battery compartment. Now get creative you have to find a place to mount your battery, it can be just about anywhere on the car itself, you could mount it in where the old batteries were you just have to chop out a few of the fins. Or you could mount it on top the circuitboard Housing. You can even mounted on top of the car if you feel it's needed, just make sure you can get to the charging plug when you're done.

Step 4: Clear a Path

Now you have to push all the wires the side that you have covering the positive terminal on the battery casing and on the negative terminal, you will be soldering to these.

Step 5: Cut the Battery Clip

When completing the step make sure you only cut one wire at a time of the battery clip if these two wires touch your battery has a possibility of exploding!
The finished product should look like something in the picture.

Step 6: Reassemble

No take all your screws and put them back in where they out of. if you need to cut whatever you have to (except wires) to get the battery to where you need to where you need it to go..

Step 7: Have Fun!!!

Not only does this upgrade give you a better power source and it makes it rechargeable but it should give you a lot more power in the vehicle.if mine had a better Motor it would probably pop wheelies.the Little one I have will spin out on everything and do perfect donuts on the carpet! Have fun with this upgrade and see you next time!!!

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