Walnut Locket.




Introduction: Walnut Locket.

What should I say...? I need more Tools !!

If you are a proud member of this community you should know the joy when you remake the work of one of your favorite makers. Well, that happened to me when I saw the lovely work of Mr.Balleng's Locket, I repeat all the steps and result a nice product. But what if you decided to make your own version?

Step 1: Cutting the Walnut.

In my Backyard there is an Old Black Walnut tree that every year gives us their seeds. I make cool thing wit the seeds but in the process some seeds just broke in halves. So I sort it out a kind of locket to wear and show off my beloved ones.First I take one half of seed and cut horizontally with a hacksaw. In the biggest half I cut a hole that is going to be the frame of the photo.

Step 2: Leather Cord and Final Touches.

I grab some leather thread make a loop with an Office Clip and attached to the locket.Finnally I paint with clear Varnish.



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    I love black walnuts! Have you tried making ink from them yet? It works great and can be used as a dye too. I love this little locket! Thanks for sharing!

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