Walther MPL (Maschinen Pistole Lang)

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Well, here I am again. I don't think you guys are getting tired of seeing my stuff, are you...? Probably not, no. Anyway...

The Walther MPL is a German weapon developed in 1950. The gun itself is pretty, has a original mag capacity of 32 rds. (imagine that...32 rounds, what a novelty! XD) , and is (I am told) fun to use in Black Ops. Its total length is 18 in., and is rather large for a SMG, but who cares, as long as it looks cool.

My MPL is comfortable, has a mag capacity of 15 - 16 rds. (tan connecters or green rods), and looks almost exact. It is 18 in. long, and is easy to use, with its comfortable trigger and smooth handle.

Great looks
Looks almost exact
Mag is effective
15 - 16 rds.
Shoots rods or connecters
Great range when muzzle loaded
Sights are kinda cool
Its a SMG... o.O what?
Nice pull-back length
Has safety (if you pull the trigger "too hard" it will "lock up." This keeps the FP from blocking).
Range:    0 to 50 ft.
Has separate chamber

Kinda top heavy
To heavy to hold in pistol cup grip
Not at all accurate
Front sights are not far enough back (this really doesn't matter)
I don't have a skeleton stock for it (to make one like the original is impossibly hard)
Kinda piece consuming (this can be totally prevented)

I love this gun. It is amazing, effective, and it looks great! It does require some broken pieces, but most people should have those by now...and if you don't, GET SOME. Seriously...! I am thinking about several different guns right now...how about the Uzi Pro?

-The Red Book of Westmarch

P.S. Pleas post comments here, we as K'NEXers must realize that we need a new contest! Really, we NEED a new contest, and this will provide an opportunity for us as a whole! Go leave your opinions there NOW.



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    you don't have to make a gun that doesn't use all those funny pieces because i bought some more knex :D