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Introduction: Wampa Sony Reader Holder

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I made this Wampa Holder for my Sony Reader.  To start with, you will need the following: Mini purse bag from Hobby Lobby, Red Felt, Brown Felt, Black Felt, White Stiff Felt, solid black eyes, craft fur, scissors, marker, hot glue gun, dremel tool.

I began by tracing the fur over the purse and then cutting it to fit the front of the purse.  I also cut the strings off of the purse.  Next, use the dremel to remove the backs off of the eyes.  Next, using the felt, cut out the shapes and pieces for the mouth and the horns.  I then assembled these over the fur and hot glued them to make the face.  Once it was finished, I hot glued this to the front of the bag.  The back then has a zipper and the Sony Reader will fit right inside.

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