War Horse

Introduction: War Horse

About: VerendusVir is latin, look it up(Hint: it means The Awesome Guy). Vir is pronounced veer.

A cool Lego horse with awesome weapons and a neat minifigure.

Step 1: The Needed Pieces

These are all the parts that are needed for the horse

Step 2: Getting Started

Attach the to white plates together, then add the hinged plates. Make sure that the hinges go in the same direction.

Step 3: Put It on the Horse

Now add it to the horse.  The hinges should bend back.

Step 4: Next Step

Put the square plate on the smaller one, and then put it on the horse.  The smaller plate goes in the space on the horses back.

Step 5: Start Building Up

Put the hinge brick on, making sure that it bends backwards.  Then add that weird gray piece behind it.

Step 6: Put the Clamps On.

Now put the two clap thingies on the red plates sticking out of the horse.

Step 7: More Clamp Thingies

Put the other clamps on the ends of the red hinges.

Step 8: Put the Guns On!

Put the guns on, the large rifles on the clamps in the back, the pistols on the clamps in the front.  The rifles attach near the butt, the pistols attach on their handles.

Step 9: Add the Little Part

Build these little things and add them on the rifle handles.

Step 10: Start Building Up

Add the gray piece to the top, then add that movable part on top.

Step 11: Build the Rocket

Build the rocket and add it to the top of the movable part.

Step 12: Build the Big Guns

Put together the big gun, then repeat to make two.  Put them on the horse, sticking the handles in the two holes.  It looks better if they face slightly away from each other instead of straight forward.

Step 13: Almost There

Add the cool helmet.

Step 14: The Minifigure

This is the Horse Master, I thought he looked cool, so I added him.

Step 15: DONE!!

You have finished my first instructable, now prepare to witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational battle horse!!!           

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