This is the gun from my forum topic. Well, let's get started. It's a quick-to-reload slingshot pistol/rifle that can be aimed very easily, is ludicrously powerful for its size, and is freaking terrifying.

Step 1: Barrel Segment

From yellow connector to yellow connector is one segment, exactly one red rod length plus one yellow connector. You need at least three of them for this gun to work well.

Step 2: Business End

This is the last segment of the barrel, and is where the ammo comes out of.

Step 3: Trigger Area

The two triggers. For the forward trigger, a gray length rod with a red rod added on one end with an orange connector is used. More pictures coming later today or tomorrow.

Step 4: Support

The main support brace of the gun,is also what makes it possible to use the forward handle and acts as a hand guard for the bands.

Step 5: More to Come

Later today, or maybe this week, I intend to have more detailed pictures of how the gun works, where each piece goes, and where the supports go. That's all for now!



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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks. No longer exists, but that's due to my needing the parts to build something that won't maim/kill at close range.


    Yeah. Finally posted this thing. Like I said, gonna have more pictures up later this week or hopefully later today, after school.