WardroBED + Bonus Bike Wall Mount





Introduction: WardroBED + Bonus Bike Wall Mount

I am living in a small 10 square meter room. So I was thinking how I could save space. To save space I thought about where in my room most of the space was getting wasted. And then I saw my bed. Most beds are pretty low above the floor and plenty of space above the bed is totally unused. So I started to think about how to use it as clever as possible and I came up with this wardroBED idea. Since I didn't document the build process, I decided to make some google-SketchUp images to illustrate it. I uploaded the SketchUp document, so you can access, download and use it.

Step 1: Main Frame

I started with the frame. I used 70x70 mm wood. In the first picture the back beam is screwed to the wall. To connect the beams together I used a special 3-way-woodjoint which looks pretty nice. I sawed the neede form into the beams and then glued it with wood glue together. You could use simple corner braces as well.

Step 2: Bed Frame

Well for the bed frame there is not a lot to say. I build it for a 1m x 2m mattress. The small beams in my case are 55x55 mm wood. And the planks are 200x18 mm wood. I screwed the beams together and then glued the planks with lots of wood glue together, so there won't be visible screwes, since I think they are not beatiful.

Step 3: Drawer

To join the parts of the drawer I used wood glue and wooden pegs. They were 6 mm in diameter and 30 mm. I made one drawer for clothes hanger. From below I screwed wheeles, which where fixed in the direction so the drawer can only be moved lengthwise.

Step 4: My Finished WardroBED

Here are a few pictures of my finished wardroBED. And it even helps getting out of bed, since I put my alarm somewhere in the room, so I have to get out of bed and it's not that easy to get into the bed again. I'm very satisfied of the result.

Step 5: BONUS: Bike Wall Mount

Simply buy the cheapest wooden box at the hardware store. Mine was about 4 bucks. Additionally you will need screws, wall plugs and a flat angle.

You simply need to first drill the wholes in the wooden box. Then drill the wholes in your wall. Finally screw the box to the wall. The flat angle is necessary, so the wood won't break at the screw wholes when stressed by the weight of the bike.

Besides of the bike I can store my lock, helmet, bike lights and tool bag in the box.



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    2 years ago

    thanks for all your comments. appreciate them!

    Where are the stairs to get up to the bed? Like concept though.

    1 reply

    Actually I don't have any on purpose. I manage to get onto the bed with a little sporty activity without ladder or stairs ;) I had an option in mind to cut holes into the side panel of the bed to put your foot into and use it as a ladder.

    But the thing is I'm haveing trouble getting out of bed in the morning. And the lack of an easy entrance to bed helps me not to get back into bed again after turning off my alarm.


    2 years ago

    Great project. How tall is the actual top of the bed? it looks like a small step stool or ladder would make life a little easier.

    I LOVE the drawer that you can hang shirts in.

    I made my step daughter a storage bad or dresser bed we call it. If I had seen your project and had the vertical space I would totally have used your shirt hanging drawer because she doesn't have a real closet.

    Here is her bed. Don't mine the mess. She is 10 years old and will be cleaning this room after school.

    The drawers are 2ft x 2ft and hold a ton of clothes

    1 reply

    thanks for your comment!

    the top surface of the mattress is about 1.30 meter. The drawers are 1 meter in height.

    Looks a fabulous build. I really like that the drawers go all the way under the bed so no space is wasted. Your bike hanger is really good too.

    Brilliant!! You got/get my vote (if I can find the right category!)


    2 years ago

    sorry pics didn't load on the first one