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Introduction: Wardrobe Auto Light

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We get a lot of blackouts here in my country (Indonesia) and it is impossible to take out one shirt with one hand without messing up the pile, while the other is holding a flash light. Unless you are taking one from topmost or you are using a wearable torch.

In my case, topmost means the last in shirt which I just wear it yesterday so I won't put on the same shirt today.

Then I make this auto-on light when I open my wardrobe. It is also suitable for you who are too lazy to reach the room light switch.

Step 1: Bill of Materials

* a broken flash light for we need the battery holder and case.
* 3 white LEDs
* 1 magnetic reed switch
(I buy a 10 pcs pack for $3.19 on www.dx.com)
* 1 square rare earth magnet
(I buy from www.sparkfun.com for $1)
* Some short cable to adjust where the magnetic reed switch should be placed outside the case.
* Shrink tube.

Decide where you want the light flood. In my case, I put it on the door side near two partition of upper and lower deck, so one led flood the upper deck, one led flood the lower deck with 45 degrees, another one replacing the old flash light bulb flooding the floor and my drawer when I pull it out.

Once you have decided the position, drill holes for the LEDs and another hole to fit in a short cable and one leg of magnetic reed switch. We keep the switch outside the case and wrap it with shrink tube.

Put all the anode legs of LED together. Normally the longer leg or see the smaller part in the LED if you are not using new LEDs. Then join it to the possitive of battery.

Now put all cathode legs of LED togeter with one end of magnetic reed switch. Normally the shorter leg of LED or larger piece of metal inside the LED, or the flat spot on the LED.
Then join the other end of Magnetic reed switch to the negative of battery. Here we use additional cable to reach the negative post of battery.

Step 2: Testing

Test your new magnetic torch with a magnet. You can use any magnet but I find this rare earth magnet has a good shape and it has strong magnet. It doesn't have to point directly to the switch. You can even turn it on when you move the magnet near the cable (both ends of the switch).

You have to test the polarity of the magnet too. Six faces of cube magnet will light the torch in different position, we will test it on site, in your wardrobe.

Step 3: Test Position on Site

Now stick your flash light inside the door near the hinge. Position of reed switch and the magnet are important. Make sure the reed switch near the magnet when the door is opened, and it is as far away as possible when the door is closed, otherwise it won't turn off.

"Sometimes we need to work hard to be lazy."
(^_^) v

Step 4: In Action

I was about to put a led on every partition, but my wife disagree with cables. So.. This is it ... ^_^

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