Wardrobe Painting

Introduction: Wardrobe Painting

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Hey ALL!

I finished another project ! , in which i earned two things , first my room got whole lot bigger ! and i got my self

a " new" Wardrobe !

It`s color was brown , and to buy a new one will cost at least 1500$ for a huge closet like this.

So, the best was to paint it !

You need the next in order to complete it successfully :

10m of Sanding paper grit 150

10m of sanding paper grit 250 - for smoothing the surface

Primer color for the paint to bond to the wood.

2 Brushes

1 Roller

Lots of time ,coffee and a smile


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Step 1: Remove All Doors

Step 2: Let the Sanding Begin

Sand it with the 150 grit sanding paper

Step 3: Primer Time!

After you cleaned the wood from all the debris , paint a good layer of the primer.

Let each layer to dry for at least 24 hours.

*Between each layer , sand the primer for a bit with a Grit 80 sanding paper

After it dried , paint a two more layers !

Step 4: Let the Paint Begin!

Paint a good solid layer with the roller and use the brush if you need

Again , let the paint dry for at least 24 hours !

Step 5: Still Painting ...

Step 6: Yep.. Still...

Step 7: Finished!

I bought new knobs for the closet.

Came out awesome!

It made the room bigger, and much more comfortable to be in

Enjoy !

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    3 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Shall be doing this myself soon enough


    4 years ago

    You did a great job on this RoeyLeon. It's inspiring what some clever & patient elbow grease can do. I'm filling holes & sanding back some walls that had 30 yrs old dreary wallpaper on them. Your work gives me encouragement .... can't wait for the uplifting white paint to go on !!!


    4 years ago

    What a difference some color can make! Beautiful.