Warframe: Ninjas Play Free. How to Be a Ninja

This some-what short and simple strategy guide will show you how to be a ninja and play completely free on Warframe. This is also my first instructable so I had a few issues with formatting and pictures. Try to enjoy please.

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Step 1: Getting Started

You'll have a choice between three warframes
1.) Excalibur- kinda the tank class for beginners. Kinda low armor but higher shields and health than Loki or Mag. Has a few abilities that are good for area of effect (aoe)
2.) Loki- more of a support class with fairly round stats. Abilities allowing him to be the perfect, invisible sniper or the decoy to draw enemy fire. Probably not a good first pick unless you are familiar, to some degree, with warframe already.
3.) Mag- definite controller/caster class. Very weak, not for solo players. Her abilities are very good for crowds and, once she's ranked up, probably an MVP in a team (without another controller type warframe)

Choose which of these three better suits your preference and get started! But be careful, there's no going back.

Step 2: First Mission

The very first mission should never be shared! Try solo. It helps you get a feel for your character and weapons. Probably a good idea to do this with any new gear. If you find yourself failing this mission, you probably don't have the right Warframe or weapon(s). Of course you can't do anything about that for a while once you've chosen so you'll just have to party play for a long time until you can handle yourself. When you clear the first planet by yourself, you're in good shape.

Step 3: New Gear

Browsing the market, you'll see some pretty fancy items. Those items also probably cost quite a bit of platinum. A very, select few items cost credits. Those are pretty ok beginner items. You might need to get to a higher rank before they unlock though. Any piece of equipment you see in the market can be crafted. It requires a LOT of time to make and materials to make it. But if it doesn't cost you a cent then it's worth it.

Step 4: Blueprints

Most blueprints can be bought in the market. Some are dropped by enemies, gifts from the Lotus or rewards for completing an assassination mission. Special weapons blueprints are given when an assassination mission is completed. Assassination missions have multiple rewards so doing it over a few times is a good plan. Most Warframe parts blueprints are a reward as well but I've found Oberon and Nyx part prints while doing survival missions. Once in a while the Lotus will send you a message containing a gift. Most times it's credits but sometimes she gives blueprints for weapons.

Step 5: Acquiring Materials

When you look at a blueprint in the foundry, you'll see required materials, cost to make the item, and time to complete it. If you find yourself needing a bunch more of a material, look around on the star chart for a planet that drops that material (info box on the left hand side). Each planet drops a common, uncommon, rare, and research material.
Example from mercury:
Common: ferrite
Uncommon: polymer bundle
Rare: morphics
Research: detonite ampule

You can acquire good amounts of common materials on any mission. Uncommon is easier to find on missions where enemies spawn, so exterminate missions aren't a good place for this material. Rare materials are easiest found in survival, defense or assassination since the first two have a high rate of enemies and assassination targets (bosses) have a higher drop rate for rare items. (Vor, mercury's boss, has a very small chance to drop orokin cells even though it's not listed on mercury)

Research materials are different. They're the blue "canister" item you see a lot of in defense missions. They have a pretty average drop rate (like a common item) but are low in quantity (1-3 like a rare item) and they are only usable in a research lab inside of a clan dojo.
Which brings is to the next big point of playing free like a ninja.

Step 6: Clans

I made this very fatal mistake. Do not make a clan. Once you make one and enter your dojo for the first time, it becomes an infant and requires lots of nurture. And like any infant, it requires money. If I never made my clan I would have never spent a dime on this game. Join someone else's clan, the more members they have, the more likely they have a developed dojo. A developed dojo is more likely to have labs BUT the cost to research these blueprints and such increases with each rank of clan (ghost, shadow, storm, mountain, moon; clan size from small to large.). Also pay attention to the clan itself because sometimes they have a stupidly high taxation. If you join an under developed clan (like mine) don't be afraid to contribute materials to build it up, just be careful of Forma. This material is pretty hard to come by as it's found in orokin missions, which are hard for beginners. So as a warlord, in need of Forma, I whipped out my credit card and purchased enough Forma to kick start my dojo. Of course, my other members aren't even very active let-alone contributive. *cough cough* (subtle notice to help out your clan). So just remember, in order to play free, you could use a clan for help; and a clan could use you for help.

Step 7: Mild Limitations

So, you just got that rhino Warframe built? Good, good... Oh, and your working on that nekros? Hmmm... You know... You'll have to part with that first Warframe, the one with all those fond memories, or that shiny new rhino that you worked so hard for. Any other way? Yea sure, spend some plat and get more warframe slots.
Life is full of tough decisions. Keep that in mind before setting out to build everything.
You can only hold so many warframes and weapons in your inventory.

Step 8: Revives

Each day, you get a full revive count (4/4). Once you've used all 4 you'll have have to wait until tomorrow or switch to another warframe.

But dying isn't so bad. If you're playing with others you have a bleed out time. Try to hold off for as long as you can and hope your squad mates don't forget about you. If you die, don't quit the session. You can still get the items and creds you collected up to your demise... So long as your team doesn't fail the mission.

Step 9: Applying What You've Read

All in all, you should have enough knowledge to get far. However, I'm still learning about this game as well so you can probably expect a lot more to come. If you need help finding a material or blueprint, google is your friend. If you need any sort of help, hit me up on psn or commenting on this instructable.

Psn id: moneyshot001584
Interested in a clan? Alien Ninja Academy is always recruiting active players (my clan, even though it's a ghost clan. I'm probably gonna kick the players who haven't been on since they joined so there will be openings)

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