Warhammer Themed Dropshots

Introduction: Warhammer Themed Dropshots

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We made Plasma Grenades! Be careful, though, they're dangerous!


Space Marine Plasma Grenade

- 3/4oz Red Sour Puss - 1/4oz Lime Cordial - 1oz Tequila - Splash of Grenadine - Monster Energy Drink

Chaos Marine Plasma Grenade

- 3/4oz Green Apple Sour Puss - 1/4oz Blue Curaçao - 1oz Spiced Rum - Monster Energy Drink


Mix liqueurs in one shot glass and pour hard liquor into another.

Carefully place shot glasses into larger glass.

Pull the "pin" (the harder liquor), throw it back then drink the freshly mixed Monster and liqueurs

Be careful: these drinks sneak up on you!

Be responsible and have fun :)

Stacey Roy aka The Nerdy Bartender

Questions? Tweet me! @TheStaceyRoy

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