Warm Air Blower Using Laptop Waste Heat

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Computers tend to generate a good amount of head especially while playing games or working on some heavy software. We are not letting it dissipate here and there but we are going to make use of this heat to get some warmth in cold winter. This instructable is simply on making a duct that diverts computer heat to your face. This might not need an article but a photo can be enough. However, as per the tradition of instructable, here is the step by step guide.

Step 1: Stuff Required

you are going to need the following material to complete the project:

  • you need a laptop which overheats, more heating is better,
  • Cardboard,
  • Tools like a paper cutter and tape.
  • and 30 min of time

Step 2: Playing With Geometry

To make a duct that diverts flow from laptop to your face required some geometry and surface developing. There are two ways to do it.

  1. One is bit engineering way, here you should calculated all angle required to have the 3d geometry and develop surfaces accordingly. Cardboard can be cut as per this geometry and can be stick together. we are not going to follow this way as it will take time and we have to complete it in 30 mins.
  2. Another simple way is to first make a square box as per having a similar cross-section as the size of your laptop exhaust. As can be one of the images this box should be fitted to exhaust. and yes this is not limited to laptop even CPU exhaust can be used for so.
    • To give it various turns V cut can be applied to the box and can turn flow in both directions.here I applied total 3 cuts out of which two V cuts are to turn flow towards the user and another cut to give it turn to the right side (with reference to users face).

Step 3: Enjoy the Warm Breeze

I have tested this with my laptop and it was adding around 20 C to the ambient temperature.

That's all, now turn on your favorite game and enjoy the winter.



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    2 Discussions


    21 days ago

    Does the diversion duct add much restriction to the exhaust air flow?

    Uncle Kudzu

    23 days ago

    Such a great idea and so simple to accomplish! Thanks for sharing!