Warm Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundae




Introduction: Warm Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundae

My sister and I are just two poor college kids with a sweet tooth. This is a way to transform cheap items from the grocery into a delicious easy to make cookie sundae! The ingredients should provide 3-4 mouth-watering sundaes if not more (depending on the size). Although the ingredients we bought are generic, they taste just as good as the more expensive ones do.

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Step 1: Ingredients

-Tube of chocolate chip cookie dough (We used Pillsbury because it was on sale ~$2.75)
-Vanilla ice cream (Kroger brand is ~$1.50)
-Whipped topping (~$2.00)
-Hershey's syrup (Found in fridge)
-Sprinkles (Unnecessary but found in the cupboard)
-Oven or Toaster Oven
-Fajita pan or other oven safe tray

Step 2: Wash Your Hands!

You're going to be touching the cookie dough, and if you are like me and just got back from the store you might want to wash your hands first!

Step 3: Cookie Prep

Cut open your package and proceed to cut chunks of dough and put on the fajita pan. After getting press the dough into a cookie shape. You want it to be around half an inch thickness. You can put more or less dough based on how large you want your cookie desert to be.

Take your extra dough and put into a ziplock bag and place in the fridge to save it for more delicious cookies!

Step 4: Baking

We used a toaster oven in order to save electricity, but a normal oven would also work. Follow the cookie instructions on your cookie dough packaging. You're going to want to watch it and take it out when it is a nice golden-brown color. Ours took about ten minutes without preheating our little oven first.

Step 5: Adding Ice Cream

As soon as your cookie comes out of the oven you are going to want to put your ice cream on. DO NOT LET IT COOL!! We added four scoops, two for each person.

Step 6: Toppings

Add any toppings that you would add to a normal sundae! We only had whip cream, chocolate, and sprinkles. Nuts, cherries, chocolate chips, or any other sweets you have around the kitchen would also work.

Step 7: Eating!!!

This is my favorite step. The ice cream melts very quickly so you have to eat it right away. The cookie and the fajita pan are still very HOT so be careful!! I suggest always getting a bite of ice cream with your cookie so you do not burn your mouth. My sister and I devoured this in about five minutes.

Our puppy is very sad that we did not save him any!!

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