Warm Fuzzy Box

I came across an old shoe box while digging around my craft supplies. I don't know how the shoebox managed to escape the recycling bin! So anyways... I came up with an idea to turn it into something useful to get people off the internet at times. I grew up in the 80's...yes I am generation x so the good thing about that is, I remember the good ol days before internet. I get irritated when I see kids on devices all the time. They still need some good old fashioned creativity and thoughts that do not require an app or Google for advice. I decided to make a Warm Fuzzy Box. It's for thoughts, ideas, and keepsakes. All you need to get started is a shoebox, an affirmation, art supplies, and some different types of fabric or tape. You can use whatever you would like. What I am sharing is what I dug up from my supplies that I already had. You can make this box as a gift for any holiday or a just because present. You can put scrap paper, and writing utensils inside the box to make it more special. You may even have a picture to put in there for a memory with the person you are giving it to. There are endless possibilities for what you can do with this project. I did my project with my daughter. She created her own box which she called an Art Memory Box. I made this box for my stepdaughter whom I haven't seen in a while. It was a lot of fun to do this project and I hope it gives you great ideas for gift giving as well. You could even do one for yourself.

Step 1:

Step 2: Materials

Positive Affirmation (I got mine from an old calendar, you can print one or write it)
Art Supplies (glue, scissors, felt, gems, markers, googly eyes ...etc)

Step 3: Create

You can personalize the shoebox any way you want. I put my stepdaughters name on the outside lid along with some Bling and a couple of emoji's that I created. On the inside lid I put the affirmation. I used felt and duct tape on the outside of the box to cover over the original print. Then I used the roll of duct tape as a holder for mini colored pencils, a pencil sharpener, and an eraser. I added plenty of scrap paper and a couple of regular pencils to go along with it. There is enough space for keepsakes and thoughts too.

Step 4: Conclusion

Thank you for viewing my project. I hope that you will create a Warm Fuzzy Box too! The fun part about this project is you are the designer! Not only that...you would be gifting someone with a warm fuzzy! We all need that from time to time. Have Fun!

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