Warm Smokey Eye - No Lashes | Danielle Scott

Introduction: Warm Smokey Eye - No Lashes | Danielle Scott

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This look is going to be perfect for everyday summer look as the warm colours really represent summer :) I hope you like it.

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Step 1:

So first I start off by filling in my brows as even though it is an everyday look brows can really make the look, look professional.

Step 2:

Then I first applied a primer as this is important so that you can protect your face and help your makeup last flawlessly all day. Then I go in with my foundation and just apply this all over the face making sure there are no streaks.

Step 3:

Then with my concealer I applied this to the under eyes chine nose and forehead to help highlight and bring these parts of the face forward. I then blend this out with my beauty blender and apply a setting powder to set this into place. This is another way to keep your makeup looking perfect and prevent creasing.

Step 4:

Then with my bronzer I apply this to the sides of my face, jawline, hairline and nose. This is a way to shape you face and just add colour to the face.

Step 5:

Now onto the eyes. First I applied a warm orange shade to the crease of the eye and really blended this out also taking on the lower lash line. Then with a shimmery gold shade I applied this to the lid of the eye with a wet brush. Then with a dark brown shade I applied this to the outer V of my eye and blended this out into the crease and taking it right on the lower lash line. I made sure after every step that I went in with a fluffy brush to make sure it was all blended.

Step 6:

Then to open up the eyes further I applied a white eyeliner pencil to the waterline.

Step 7:

Then just with some mascara I applied this to the top and lower lashes. As I didn't apply false lashes I went a little heavier on the mascara.

Step 8:

Then with a little bit of highlight I applied this to the nose and the highest points of my cheeks. Just to give my self a natural sun kissed look.

Step 9:

Then finally I just applied a nude lip to this look so all the focus was on the eyes.

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