Warm and Toasty Afghan

Introduction: Warm and Toasty Afghan

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What come to mind when you want to keep warm? I think about a blanket or an afghan as a great option.

My crochet skills come from being a little kid sitting with my mom as a kid… I couldn’t really get the grasp of knitting… pearl one, knit one cast on, cast off, etc. Mom figured that maybe I could handle crochet with a single and a double stitch, I am sure that there are a lot more things that go into crocheting but that is at far as I got.

This can be a very easy and non-brain-tasking project. One you get into the swing of things it almost becomes mindless. You will be making a bunch of granny squares and then crocheting then together to make a blanket. I will give you some basic measurements but the finish project will depend on you.

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Step 1: Tools and Material


Crochet hook (I like a large hook – G, I have big manly hands)


Yarn in various colors (I used Red Heart 100% acrylic in various colors that I thought would go together well).

NOTE: I choose 100% acrylic yarn because it make the finished afghan machine washable.

Step 2: Getting Started

The basic stitches are single crochet and double crochet. If you know the basics this should be very easy… if you are just starting out it may be a challenge until you finish your first square and then it is just repetition.

With single you make a knotted loop in the end of the yarn and make a chain. After you have six stitches you close the loop and have a small ring, chain two more stiches and start you double crochet. Loop the yard around the hook, insert the hook through the ring, grab the yard and bring it through the yarn until you have a single loop, repeat.

At this point you are ready for a corner, to single crochet and then three double crochet. Do this two more times and then close the loop. You should have a square that looks like it has four petals.

Step 3: Keep Plugging Along

At this point you are ready for a corner, to single crochet and then three double crochet. Do this two more times and then close the loop. You should have a square that looks like it has four petals.

Chain two stitches and begin the process around again. The only change on this row is that it isn’t a corner you don’t need the two chains between the double crochet stitches.

Step 4: Putting It All Together

Keep working around until you get your squares to the size the you want them. I used squares that were seven rows but you can make then larger or smaller.  Just know that small squares means a little more little pieces to put together and large squares mean less pieces to put together.

Note. Make sure that any knots that you make, either switching from one ball or skein of yarn to another or when you finish a  square, are secure. Nothing can ruin your day more that having a square unravel once you have an afghan completed (this is experience talking).

I got into production mode and just made as many squares as a skein would allow and then switch to another color. Once all the squares are done it is almost like a jigsaw puzzle to put the colors in what ever order you like.

Step 5: The Finishing Touches

I connect the squares together by double crocheting them together in a contrasting color. I worked until I had seven squares together. I did this 5 times and then I double crocheted the strips together to make up the body of the afghan.

I double crocheted around the side four times to give it a finished look. It is very warm and toasty and great for sitting on the couch watching television and a chilly night.

Step 6: Taa... Daa..

Not a bad looking project from an old retired Navy man.

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    This is lovely, I was totally going to make one of these but never learned how to make a granny square. Good job being a manly crafter.


    8 years ago on Step 6

    That's really nice!


    Reply 8 years ago on Step 6

    Thank you for the kind words... and its warm too!