Warp-free 3D Printing With Adhesive Mesh

Introduction: Warp-free 3D Printing With Adhesive Mesh

An issue common with 3D printing on many desktop 3D printers is warping along the bottom edges and corners of the print. I've seen many good ideas listed on the internet for mitigating this problem including tapes, glue, special or heated build plates, and even suggestions for editing your model to reduce warping.

An alternative that I've been experimenting with is to use fiber mesh tape (used mostly in drywall applications) to hold down the first layer. I now do this for every print and have not had a single warping issue.

Step 1: Instructions and Results


  1. Allow your 3D printer to complete the first layer of the print on the print bed.
  2. Pause your print job and apply fiberglass mesh drywall tape (found in most home improvement stores) directly over the first layer of your print as well as the remaining area of the print bed.
  3. resume your print job.


I'm using PLA with a non heated build plate.

I've found that, upon resuming the print job, the nozzle is not impacted by the thin layer of mesh tape and the extruded plastic is embeded in the space between the mesh fibers maintaining adheasion between layer 1 and layer 2 of the print job.

Post Printing:

some filaments are still transparent through the first layer so someone looking at the bottom of the print will notice the fiber tape. you will also need to trim off the edges of the fibers poking out of the print but this is an acceptable task for me knowing that my large prints will not warp! I would be interested to know the results from others using ABS or other types of build plates.

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    3 Discussions


    3 years ago

    What layer thickness do you use? I print ABS at 0.3 mm. Is the mess thinner than that? By the way, I use an aluminum build plate covered with Kapton tape, heated to 115 degrees C. With 1.75mm filament, my extruder is set to 230 degrees C. I have little to not warpage. The parts stick to the build platform when it is hot and pretty much pop off when it cools to 25 degrees C.


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks for the comment. I'm printing with default settings on my Dremel Idea builder which show it to be 0.4mm for the first layer and 0.3mm layer height. I believe the plate is acrylic with the factory sticker tape. (not heated) I'd be interested to know how it works with ABS. Look for the roll of fiber tape at the home center that also says it is self adheasive (some may not and/or have varying degrees of tackyness).


    Reply 3 years ago

    Other brands may work well. the specific brand of mesh I currently have is called "FibaTape" and it measures 0.09 mm in thickness.