Warrior's Talon Claw Shaving Mirror "UNBREAKABLE"

Introduction: Warrior's Talon Claw Shaving Mirror "UNBREAKABLE"

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Lately I've been endeavoring to get back to the gym and start getting back into shape; One thing that is a daily ritual after a good workout is a shower and a shave (Shaving in a hot shower is great to reduce razors bumps but just no mirrors so I always have to bring one with me)  I guess I'm a little rough on the shaving mirrors though every time I throw my bag down I broke my mirror. Sitting in my workshop frustrated over the thought of having to buy yet another new mirror while taking a part old hard drives for the magnets I noticed how shiny the platters were, as is my style to design things based around my warrior spirit (or as my cousin jokingly calls it "Warrior Punk"):

Warrior's Talon Claw Shaving Mirror "UNBREAKABLE"

Step 1: Materials

Materials and Tools:

Old hard drive (Be sure to check the platters to ensure you are working with the aluminum kind, not the glass or ceramic)
Dremel cutting discs
Goo gone
Lamination sheets
Glass cleaner
Drill or drill press
Drill bit
Razor blade or hobby knife

Step 2: The Platter Cut!

Wow! These platters are really shiny, the only problem is they pick up fingerprints and dirt like crazy. however after doing a bunch of research (most are typically made of Aluminum however some older and high end discs are made of glass or ceramic when working with these please take proper precaution as you would any materials i.e. respirators and skin guards)  these platters are made of aluminum and coated with carbon which means they are virtually unbreakable to my typical gym bag abuse. The fact the have micro grooves gave me an idea how to use this as a mirror.

Step 1: Clean the platters of any fingerprints, dirt, dust, or debris

Step 2: Get some nice clear masking tape and play both sides of the front and back

Step 3: Using a razor, sharp blade, or hobby knife cut each edge clean of tape

Step 4: Draw your talons claw design with a marker on to the tape

Step 5: Cut your design out with a Dremel cutting disc; Once you have the rough cut done, start cleaning up the rest of the edges till they are nice and smooth

Step 3: Cleaning and Protecting the Claw

Step 6: The next step we have to do is to peel back the remaining tape and clean it up with some goo gone

Step 7: To avoid fingerprint build up, fogginess, and scratches, we need to laminate the claw. However we need to clean any remaining goo gone left on the platter to aide the adhesiveness of the glue. Use some glass cleaner to accomplish this.

Step 8: Using the rag; place your freshly cleaned claw into a laminating pouch and run it through your laminator a couple of times. TIP: If you don't have a laminator or it's not setup to pass really thick objects through it, you can use a clothes iron and any laminating pouch from an office supply store with a piece of cardboard and aluminum foil.

Step 4: The Finishing Touches!

Step 9: Before we cut out the claw we need to drill some holes for the Sugru to make a handle with.

Step 10: Now it's time to cut the unused portion of the laminate, and trimming the claw flush of any rough edges.

Step 11: Finally you need to Sugru a handle making sure to get it in to each of a little holes and around the edges. Using your favorite cross hatch pattern design a grip that will serve the purpose of holding the mirror in the shower.

Now you have a great little mirror for getting a clean shave almost anywhere; plus you have a nice little visual deterrent to keep away those weird locker room lurkers.

One of the things that I've noticed is the edges of the laminate look like they might eventually start to peel back, The next time I paint a bike or car I might remove the laminate and try a high speed crystal clear coat, the laminate worked great for two shaves so far but I'd like to see how high speed urethane works on a mirrored surface for a more permanent solution rather than peeling and replacing the laminate every so often.



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    A mesh business card holder and a spring, it did pretty good but someone whose skilled with this sugru stuff could probably make it look a hundred times better, I pressed the mesh and rolled the spring, I was going for a gun grip look


    **A very important word of warning.**

    not all hard disk drive platters are made of aluminum. Some are made of coated glass or ceramic.

    Since most hard drives have multiple platters in them it is a good idea to sacrifice a platter to test what it is made of before you start cutting up the platters for various projects

    easy test .. wrap it in a cloth, place it on a hard surface and hit it with a hammer. if it dents it is metal if it shatters it is glass or ceramic.

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    Very good point, I forgot about the older ones and the high end disks. To anyone reading Drake makes a very good safety tip: What the disc is made of can have effects on your health be sure to use a mask and proper skin protection the same as if you were working with fiberglass. I tend to forget sometimes some have to be reminded of personal protective equipment when working with materials.

    no worries. I figured I would pass along knowledge gained so other didn't have to learn the way I did.

    I used to think they were all aluminum.

    Imagine my surprise the first time I used one that was glass for a hanging target for BB gun plinking.

    "Kersploded" is the only term that seems to accurately describe the reaction the platter had. LOL

    My first experience wasn't so great either with a glass one when I was 15 I attempted something similar to this not knowing it was glass platters, you think fiberglass burns when it gets in the pores try glass coated with carbon. I just completely forgot about that, It's been awhile since I've seen those so it slipped my mind. I still seen some in high end servers recently with ceramics though so there out there and I appreciate the catch. Thanks again

    I don't think I have ever shaved outside a proper bathroom but this seems like a good solution.
    To keep away the weirdos in more "public" bathrooms (such as camping grounds or hostels) I rely on my preferred shaving utensil: the straight razor. It wouldn't work with your mirror because you need both hands to shave but it works wonders to freak people out :) (it also gives an excellent shave)

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    If your practiced enough to use a straight razor, and skilled enough to make a blade from something stainless steel you could probably do this kind of project and serve both purposes. As for the two handed shaver I think you could probably add a hook to it, I always use disposable razors with a straight razor I'd probably end up cutting something I don't want cut, I've tried one before but now it just sits in my glove compartment for the same reason :). Thanks

    I strongly dislike shaving but I have to do so regularly anyhow. The risk of cutting yourself with a straight razor is such that if forces you to slow down and pay full attention to what you are doing. It sort of sucks you into a moment of zen in which nothing exists except the (razor) sharp knife that you are dragging along your throat.

    The simple rule of shaving with a straight razor is that moving perpendicular to the blade is safe, moving parallel to the blade means a bloody mess. (maybe I should write my first instructable on shaving with a straight razor. This when my day job starts to calm down some)

    When I was reading this comment that was what I was thinking that you should write this as an 'ible. My favorite kind of 'ible's are the ones that have a technique like that.