Wart Removal - 25minutes




Introduction: Wart Removal - 25minutes

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Hi all.
For many years now I have had a pesky pair of warts that would come up on a couple of my fingers - the last one to show up just refused to go - - "Ha!!!! you wish suka!".
I have tried just about everything, from creams and freezing to going to the docs for it to be cut out - - "nothin,nada - still came back".

So there I was one day dwelling upon this issue, thinking about just what needed to happen to get rid - in the infected area there were black dots that I took to be the culprit - if even one was left (checked with a really strong magnifying glass) the hard skin,raised area and irritation would persist.
What would go deep enough,be nasty enough to make the area inhospitable for growth and kill any roots (so to speak).
The solution was just that - OVEN PRIDE - in the UK it is the stuff ya use to clean your grills in the oven - so nasty that it comes with gloves and the grills are put into a plastic bag while the gel works - - it's real nasty stuff, just one touch and you will know about it.

My idea was simple - confine a small amount of the gel over the wart, let it eat into the flesh to the appropriate depth, remove, clean the area and allow to heal.

The following is how I did it - how it looked - the final result.

Oh yes - this is not the cheapest method for removal - but it seems to work, if you suffer from warts one bottle of this liquid will keep you going for years I should think and save money in the long run.


Step 1: Stuff - Oh! and a Finger

Here are the things ya need - might be an idea to use gloves if pos but it might be a bit awkward.

Step 2: Lets Begin

So - I took the troublesome digit and gave it a scrub over with a nail file card - this is what you see in the picture

Step 3: Next

Then I took a metal washer (don't ask me why this one looks white?)

Placed it upon some Micropore (medical sticky tape - any tape might work)

Used a paper clip bent straight to drop just enough gel into the washer to fill it - removed any access from the washer as it only wants to be going onto the wart.

Step 4: And

positioned the washer over the wart - being mindfull to ensure the whole area is covered - take the time to get hold of a good sized washer for the job - any bits missed and the bugger might come back.

Make a good seal around the washer to stop leakage - put a fair bit of tape around the finger to hold nice and firm.

Take a seat, watch some TV etc - be still, ya do not want this on furniture, the cat or kids or! in your eyes.

Now things are gonna get stingy - but in a good way - if it stings it is working it's way down - be calm, if if your a female/woman you might not want to leave the tape in place for 25mins but a bit less (only mention this as I am guessing girls might have more delicate, thinner skin).

After the time is up remove the tape - - BE AWARE - the area is gonna look nasty, mine looked like a blood blister and when I cleaned it a load of gooey skin came away from the wart - and yup there is probably gonna be a hole/crater.   

Step 5: After - Day 1

So this is how the finger looked after a good clean up, dry off and antiseptic rinse - have faith brothers and sisters - this is not a quick heal but for me worthwhile.

Step 6: Day - 3

This is after about three days, pink, still with a slight crater but clean and filling in slowly but nicely.

Step 7: Day - Ten

The final result - clean, smooth (there was a little rough skin so I buffed it and popped on a bit of hand cream around day seven),
Looks good and feels soft, no black bits even under a good magnifier.

These are a pain so I hope this instructable works for you too - all the best DZ

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3 years ago

I have a really really bad wart and i have a Greta remedy so what u need is garlic and a bandage what u do is put the the garlic on the wart but make sure the garlic is not bigger than the wart because if it is it will give u pain but what I do is put the garlic on the wart and put the bandage on top of the garlic on the wart then u sleep with it when u wake up take it off your wart will be black but u won't feel then u can peel it right off


4 years ago

remove our moles, warts and skin tags safely and naturally within only three days. http://goo.gl/9alxML


Reply 4 years ago

Cool - three days is great, anything less toxic would be ok and in fact much more favorable - I had tried many different ideas and shop bought products and nothing had worked, this was the only thing that did, if I had known about your product then, well all good.
Cheers for the post


5 years ago on Introduction


I had the same problem in one hand. It all started by one wart in the tip of the indicator finger and then speeded to other two fingers and one in the middle of the palm.

After several visits to the dermatologist and frost treatments with no results, I went for drastic methods...

In my case, I have used very strong hydrogen peroxide 120vol concentration.

From my work experience, using this in the past I know the hydrogen peroxide is fast absorbed by the skin and once inside it forms very small pockets of gas destroying that fine layer of skin... I went to test this on the wart-affected skin.

Under a magnify glass it is easy to recognize the skin structures where
the disease is installed, they seem like swollen "cells", and that is where I have placed the peroxide.

I've placed 2 or 3 drops of peroxide inside a syringe with needle, and looking through the magnify glass I've used the needle to, first rupture those swollen
"cells" and wetting then with a little portion of peroxide. It will immediately turn milk white and did this on all the surface of the wart, after 10 to 15 minutes the treated surface is dry then with a nail file I’ve grinded the dead skin off (the white skin) and repeated the process several times, when it started to hurt I’ve stopped and continued in the following day. (During treatment by precaution
always had a bandage over the affected area to avoid passing the virus from the wart to other parts of body by touch).

After +- a week of treatment I had my four wart removed and they never re-appeared again, the skin in the area affected recovered properly and now it is impossible to tell where they were.

I have also observed the black dots as referred by Darren, from the dispersion and pain felt during the removal of dead skin I think those are the skin nerve
terminations that turn black due to the wart virus. during my treatment process
I've observed that this spots continue vertically through the skin layers so I only stopped my treatment when I completely removed this black spots and swollen "cells".

In my case the warts where ... big... one of them had +- 10mm diameter so when the process ended I had a hole in the finger, but as I've said before it recover fine and now it’s impossible to tell what I had there :)

To finish I can only tell I had far less pain with this process that with the medic frost treatments, and with complete success while at the doctor I was already
in despair.

HOWEVER, I RECOGNIZE THIS IS DANGEROUS (STRONG CHEMICALS INVOLVED) so I am not advising anyone to do this! I am just telling my story

The peroxide has no smell and looks like clear water! DANGER!!!!!!!


7 years ago on Introduction

Will these same steps work for on top of my hand? There's not muck meat there and it's a little bit over a vane. Will it hurt the vane at all?


Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

If your worried at all I would advise not doing it - try everything else - warts are horrid but I would never want ya hurting yourself - I did this because nothing else worked but there are lots of safer remedies to try - really hope you get that little bugger gone.

Be well.


I had a big wart show up on the side of my face last summer. I got rid of it with duct tape. No Joke.


Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

Hiya - glad the tape worked for you - have heard good things about that method - wish it had worked for me but nothin seemed to - even shop bought products or cutting it out.

Cheers for your post.