Warzone Tower Defense




The first project in the 2016 autumn semester is Warzone Tower Defense. The two main parts of the project are a bug and a paper tower. The bug is required to be able to go strictly straight and be armed with a photo sensor and several tracking sensors. The paper tower is equipped with a rotating laser. The track for the bug is 2.5m in total.

● 2.5m - 2m:

● 2m - 1m:

● 1m - 0m:

The bug is free from the laser attack due to a protective shield. The bug will be ‘killed’ as long as it is attacked by the laser and stop at once.

If the bug hasn’t been killed, it will stop temporarily at the white line for 2-3 seconds.

After that, it will proceed and if it is attacked by the laser in the last 1m, it will also die. The bugs that hit the paper tower are viewed as failure.

Step 1: Tower Making

Divide the length of a piece of A4 paper equally into 5 parts. Fold it according to

the marks already made. Unfold the paper, and adjust it into a cuboid. Repeat it 9 times.

Step 2:

Joint the 5 cuboids altogether in a way that the shared part is the half of the

cuboid in length, and then we get the major supporting structure.

Step 3:

Glue the other 4 cuboids on 4 different plans of the major structure. Then we get

the secondary supporting structure. If we look down from above, we can see that these 5 cuboids are in the position of a cross.

➢ When doing this, turn the overlapped area to a different angle, so that there won’t be more than 3 layers.

Step 4:

Now make another 4 similar cuboids. Half paper is needed. The bases are the

same, but the height is half of the cuboids above.

Step 5:

Embed and glue the 4 cuboids to the 4 corners of the structure, formed by the

secondary supporting structure. We now get the third supporting structure.

Step 6:

Make 8 Thin Paper Tubes. Glue two paper tubes into a cross.Place the cross into the bottom of the third supporting cuboid, which can provide a stronger support.

Step 7:

Make six Thin Triangle Paper Tubes. The method is similar to making a cuboid

paper tube. The Length should be 60 mm. The Side Length should be 10 mm.Stick them to form a Platform.

Step 8:

Place the Platform on the top of the paper tower.

Step 9:

Place Arduino, Motor Driving Board, Cradle Head and Batteries on the

Platform, and Distance Sensors.

➢ Organize the positions of parts to make sure balance.

Step 10: Car Making

Cut Acrylic and drill according to the CAD.

Step 11:

Install the Rear Wheel Bracket and Rear Wheels.

Step 12:

Install two Motors with Holders, Couplers and Wheels on the acrylic.

Step 13:

Install the Motor driving board (L298N).

Step 14:

Install the Arduino Uno with expanding board

Step 15:

Install the Batteries and connect the 9V one to the Arduino Uno and 12V one to

the L298N.

Step 16:

Insert the second Acrylic to the hole.

Step 17:

Install the Light Intensity Sensor to the second Acrylic and connect it to the

Arduino. (See in Picture 3.3.1)

Step 18:

Install two Tracing Sensors and connect them to the Arduino. (See in Picture


Step 19:

Install the shield of Light Intensity Sensor.

Step 20:

Input Program to the Arduino and test the Bug.



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    2 years ago

    very nice and technology is amazing


    2 years ago

    Look like fun :) I hope you get an A! Could you upload the program for others to use?