Wash Machine Motor Wiring


Introduction: Wash Machine Motor Wiring

This is a universal motor C.E.SET from old ZANUSSI wash machine.
It can be connect to DC and AC power supply.
It can be used for some your projects, it's a pity to throw to trash with wash machine.

Description :
13400 rpm

Step 1: Connector

The connector contains six wires, we are going to use only 4.
First and second are heat fuse, these wires we leave not connected.

Wires can be organized little different, it's dependent on type of wash machine, but if you observe color of wires, It will be OK and should work.

Step 2: Wiring

Cut wire behind the connector and connect black wire and blue wire together directly.

Gray and black wire are connected to power source. It's doesn't matter, which is to L and N, or + and -, It will always rotate in the same direction.

Step 3: Connect to Power Supply



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    Where did you get this and what model is it from