Wash and Clean a Motorcycle

About: Introverted rider, started riding after 40. People thought I was having a midlife crisis. I just wanted a motorcycle! Watch content for mature people of all ages, not just for the middle aged.

In this instructable video, I washed my motorcycle, after riding through a patch of wet road in a construction zone. Remember to make sure the motorcycle has cooled down before washing it. Avoid power spraying the electronics and brake line connections.


  1. bucket (I used a cooler in the video)
  2. food wrap
  3. car wash detergent
  4. Grime Off detergent
  5. washing foam
  6. chamois
  7. garden hose with a shower nozzle

The bike in the video is a Honda CBR250R, but this method should work with most motorcycles. Let me know if this video helped you by commenting. Thanks for watching.

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