Washer Toss Game

Introduction: Washer Toss Game

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This Washer toss game is pretty easy to make and is fun for tailgating and in the back yard. The cost is cheap and the supplies are easy to get.

can order stuff you need for it here

Step 1: Supplies and Tools

two 16 x 16 pieces of wood
2 x 4 's at least 8 ft -4 16 inch pieces 4- 14.5 inches pieces
3 inch by 3 inch pvc pipe 2 total
L brackets for mounting

circular saw
razor blade cutter
cordless drill

Step 2: Measureing and Cuttting

I cut the base board to the size of 16in x 16in using a circular saw. You could use a hand saw, table saw or whatever you choose. Then I took the 2 x 4 and cut 4 pieces 16inces long and 4 pieces 13 inches long. I lined up the 2 x4 s on the 16 inch pieces to make sure the measurement were right. My cuts were not perfect but filled in any imperfections with wood putty.

Step 3: Attach Carpet and Pvc

I cut the green carpet to the size of the bottom of the washer game. I used glue to attach it. To attach the pvc i used two L brackets and screwed the pvc down to the bottom of the washer game

Step 4: Paint Washers and Play

We play with four washers per-team, your gonna wanna paint them to tell the difference.

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    4 years ago

    Nice job on the washers game. We play washer while tailgating, nice to see others doing the same, it's a great tailgating game.