Washer/Dryer Platform

I made this washer/dryer platform with two 2x12's (cut into 2-58", 5-25"), 2 sheets of 3/4" plywood (cut to 2- 58"x28"). The lumber was screwed together like a wall form; then the plywood screwed to the top and bottom to close in the form. I put bead board and trim (painted with oil based paint) on the outside of the form to "pretty it up"  The total cost was approx. $110, saving me $400 if I had purchased the pedestals.



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2 years ago

That looks GREAT!!! :) Mine is still holding up well


7 years ago on Introduction

JRWilkinsonjr, This platform was built like you would build a wall. The 2X12s were cut into 7 pieces: (2) 58" these are the header/footer . Then the (5) "wall studs" were cut at 25" each. __________ -- 58" 
                                                                   I    I      I    I     I  -- 28" each
                                                                   I__I__ I__I__I  
 This is kind of what the framed in platform looks like before adding the plywood. I hope this visual gives you an idea about the layout of the lumber for the platform. After screwing the boards together the cut plywood (58"x28") was screwed on the top and bottom- to "close in" the platform forming a box.


7 years ago on Introduction

Those pedestals they try to sell you are absurdly overpriced! You did a beautiful job. I want to do something like this but put a drawer in it. My dryer shakes the whole house when it gets going, so it will have to be strong. Nice work!

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Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

Thanks for the compliment :) It is very rewarding to build a strong beautiful product that saves money in addition to making the job easier. Good luck on building yours with the drawer. I saw some instructions and photos for some but decided to just go with one solid platform for the sake of simplicity. :)

I do not understand your cuts. You have two long cuts and five boards at 25". Can you provide further explanation of how you framed the box? Thank you