Washi Tape Bracelet

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The spring is here and it’s time for some colors!

This is an easy project, great for kids.

Material and tools:
- paper tape, for example Washi tape

- wooden bracelet base

- scissors

- transparent matte varnish in spray

Step 1: Making the Bracelet

Cut a stripe of the tape and place it on the bracelet base. The ends have to be on the inside. (pictures 1 and 2)

Continue adding stripes… (picture 3)

…until the whole bracelet is covered. (picture 4)

The last step is to put a long stripe of tape inside to cover the ends of all the stripes. If you don’t do this the stripes will come off and stick to your arm as you wear the bracelet. Then varnish the whole bracelet with the spray. (picture 5)

Wear and enjoy!

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    Creative Mom CZAnandM54

    Reply 22 days ago

    Thank you! I made it for my younger daughter who is learning colors and it works pretty well!