Washi Tape Decorated Tape Dispenser!



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Hello, again! I love this cute diy. It made my room look so much cuter!!! So let’s get started, go ahead, gather your supplies!

Washi Tape ( I chose 3 rolls )

Tape Dispenser


Scrap Piece of white paper


Also, this is entered into the stick it challenge, if you enjoyed this diy or think it’s cute, plz, plz, plz vote for me! Thanks

Step 1: Get Started

So first we have to take the tape out of the Dispenser and the pice of paper. Moving on...

Step 2: Trace and Cut

Trace the plain old boring piece of paper that was in the Dispenser and cut! The circle in the middle can be kind of tricky ?

Step 3: Washi Tape

Now for the fun part! Washi Tape! Grab your rolls and stick then right on top the cut Dispenser paper.

Step 4: Cut the Washi Tape

Now just cut the excess washi Tape off around it, once again the circle isn’t kinda tricky! I cut the washi Tape down the middle and folded it over ?. And you done!

Step 5: Done!

Look how cute it is! It makes and room just a little more cuter! Again, please vote fore me in the Stick It Challenge If you liked it! Thanks



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    9 months ago on Step 5

    This is a really cute idea. Washi tape is so much fun. I can't wait to try it.

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