Washing Clothes

Introduction: Washing Clothes

Has your mother washed your clothes your entire life and sent you to college not knowing anything about washing clothes? Well if this is the case I'm here to help you learn to wash clothes.

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Step 1: Materials

Dirty Clothes

Washing Detergent (Tide + Febreze Pods)

Bleach ( Clorox Splash Less)

Drying Sheets (Snuggle)


Credit card/money

Step 2: Why the Materials Are Needed

Make sure you have your clothes, if you don't what are you going to wash. I like to use Tide and Febreze pods because when I was playing sports in high school it was the only detergent that got the sweat and odor out of my workout clothes. Clorox bleach is for your white clothes(only) it really helps with removing stains. The drying sheets are for your clothes to have that fresh scent days after they have been cleaned, and the credit card or money is for you to pay to wash your clothes.

Step 3: Seperate Clothes

Separate your clothes into piles. Put black and blue things in one pile, white in another, and bright colors in the last.You can also make a pile for rags and towels.

Step 4: Washing the Clothes

Insert your clothes into the washers, pay for the washer then go select the water temperature you want. I put blue clothes in cold water, colored clothes and rags in warm water, white clothes in hot water. Then press start.

Step 5: Inserting Detergent and Bleach

Pull out the slot where you are supposed to insert the bleach and detergent. Put two pods in the detergent slot for all four loads. The white clothes are the only load that gets bleach. Close the slot and let the clothes wash.

Step 6: Remove Clothes From Washer

Find you some dryers that are not being used and remove the lint out the lint tray. Remove clothes from the washers and place them in the dryers. After your clothes are in the dryer add some drying sheets. Pay for your dryers, select the temperature and press start. Let the clothes dry.

Step 7: Sit Clothes on Laundry Table

Check the clothes make sure that they are dry. If they are place them on laundry tables

Step 8: Fold Clothes

When dryer has stopped check clothes to make sure they are all dry. If they are not dry put them back in the dryer and start the dryer over. But if they are dry you can fold them up. After your done folding the clothes you can gather your things and leave.

Step 9: Knowing It Worked

You will really know that you washed your clothes well when you go to get your clothes a week later and they smell like you just washed them.

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