Washing Machine Chassis Welding Table & Cabinet

In this instructable I will present to you a cabinet made from a washing machine's chassis.

It serves both as a storing space as well as a welding table.

It is equipped with 4 wheels for mobility and two shelves.

Step 1: The Wheels

The washing machine originally had 4 anti-vibrational screws as ground supports but I removed them because I wanted mobility.

Instead I installed 4 wheels.

The wheels are all free turning except the two wheels in the back that have extra a brake feature.

Step 2: The Door

The door is made from several pieces of rabote wood held together by two pieces of wooden lath.

Rabote in my country we call the wooden pieces used for ceilings (look at the photo).

The door is attached to the frame by two metallic hinges.

I also installed a knob for easy opening and a locking mechanism to secure the door.

Step 3: The Shelves

I installed two selves, one bottom shelf and one upper.

They are held in place by metallic corners, screws and rivets.

Step 4: The Weld Spatter Protector

Since I will be doing some welding, I installed a weld spatter protector.

It is a sheet of metal (from the washing machine) bent to form a pan.

It slides over two aluminium plates and is easily cleaned.

Step 5: The Back

I wanted something lightweight for the back so I cut a piece of soft plastic.

I found it at a local store that was undergoing some renovation and was going to throw it to the landfill.

Step 6: The Future

In the near future I want to install some steel rebars (or bronze tubes maybe) in order to place on them the pieces to be welded.



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    2 years ago

    Good job, you repurposed an old machine and rescued some plastic. I use an old file cabinet found roadside for my welding supplies too.

    1 reply