Washing the Cat

Introduction: Washing the Cat

Anyone who has ever had to was their normally docile pet cat knows the pain and frustration that can ensue.

To build the shower you will need 2 x 10' x3/4" pvc piping, 6x t- fittings, 10x l (90 degree) fittings, a shower head and connector for 3/4" piping, 2 screws, 1 piece 4" diameter pvc piping, cut to 2" piece and halved, 1 shower curtain, 1 shower liner and 18 shower curtain hooks.

Cut the piping into the following lengths: 4- 10", 4- 18", 5- 5", 2-24", 1- 3", 4- 4". using 2 pieces of the 18" place 2 L fitting on each, one on either end. To 3 ot these connect 10" pieces, to the 4th connect 1- 4" piece, a t fitting (facing down) and another 1-4". connect a t-fitting (facing up) t the end of each. To connect the 2 pieces together connect between the pieces 1- 10" to one side, on the other side again use 1-4", 1 T-fitting (facing up) and another 4" piece. you should now have a rectangle.

Using your 2 remaining 18" pieces and the halved piece of 4" diameter piping figure where you want to sit this on your shoulder (note you may want to sand this well and add padding if not wearing a shirt under) Drill a hole in the center of the halved pieces and in the pvc piping where you would like them to sit. using one screw each attach together.

with 4 of the upward facing t-fittings attach 4 of the 5" pieces. to the top of these. With the 18" pieces attach 4- L fittings, on to each end, facing down. Connect each end to the 5" pieces.

For the shower top, use 1- 24" piece, 1- 5" and 1- 3" to the top of the 24" piece connect 1 L-fitting, the connect the 5" piece and another L- fitting ( facing down). Connect the 3" piece and to this attach the shower head. connect this to the last up facing t- fitting on the frame. Finally connect the last 24" piece to the down facing T-fitting, this is used for a stablizing piece to hold it steady.

Connect the shower curtain and liner around the frame, (they should overlap a little bit).

For the rest of the cat costume, use a white or black long sleeved shirt (to match your cat ears and gloves) and cat ears and paw gloves. you can use greasepaint or makeup to your liking to get a cat effect.

For my boyfriend's costume, I used a white shirt, cut strategically to look like it was attacked but a clawed animal, painted with fake blood, and used scratches temporary tattoos.

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