Waste Oil Burner




Looking for a cheaper way to heat the shop? Also looking for ways to get rid of used oil? By building this both will be accomplished.

Step 1: Gather

First gather some materials. The materials are: sixteen feet square two-inch tubing, a fifty-five/gallon oil barrel, ten feet of two-inch angle iron, eight inches of six-inch pipe, enough six-inch exhaust pipe to vent exhaust to the safest and easiest place to keep safe, and a container to hold the oil/fire.

Step 2: Cut Metal

Next cut the square tubing into four, four foot pieces. Cut a six inch hole in the bottom of the oil barrel, and on the side cut a six inch hole for the exhaust. Then cut the angle iron into six, twenty inch pieces. Add one inch holes to the six-inch pipe so it looks like Swiss cheese and do the same to the top of the container.

Step 3: Weld

After all the pieces are cut, weld four of the two-foot angle iron onto the square tubing at two feet and the other two at one foot off the ground to make it in a square shape. I put the two foot ones on first because then it’s easier to square it up. Then weld the six inch pipe to the bottom of the barrel. I weld it all the way around so no smoke leaks out.

Step 4: Burn It Up

When it is all put together, set up a system to have the oil drip into the container where it will burn. A good system to use is a normal gravity feed just put the oil system above the container and have gravity feed it into the container. Once it is all set up and ready put a little oil in the container mixed with a little gas and start it up. After the flame dies down a bit turn the oil drip on and then the shop is heating up and getting rid of the used oil. Be careful to keep a close eye on the container so it does not overflow.



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    Reply 1 year ago

    It burns pretty clean

    Good way to make use of the materials that you have at hand.