Waste Oil Burner Construction.

Introduction: Waste Oil Burner Construction.

This is my first attempt at this so if I have it wrong please tell me where rather than just go off I have done it wrong.

I make waste oil burners of various types and for different applications. This one could be used for heating a metal melting furnace, to replace a gas burner, to melt metal or drums directly or many other heating applications.

The construction is Shown in the vid.

Basically it is a pipe in a steel tube sealed at one end and open at the other. There are holes drilled in the Inner pipe which face the top and the end of the inner pipe is sealed. air is blown in the opposite end and there is a small hole drilled in the side of the air pipe where the oil is fed in. The oil feed is by gravity and there is no nozzle, pump or anything else. It just dribbles in and is controlled with a gate or ball valve. The air from the blower pushes the fuel into the burner.

To start off an amount of oil is fed into the burner. The oil supply is replaced with a gas feed ( or a separate gas and oil feed could be used) and the burner is pre heated with the gas. When the burner is hot enough the flame changes colour and size and the gas can be shut off and removed.
The oil supply is then inserted and the oil fed in and the air supply increased. The burner self sustains by the retained heat changing the oil from a liquid to a gas which then mixes with the air and combusts.

There are NO critical dimensions or sizes with this. as can be seen in the vid I measured nothing, threw it together and it worked. It is scalable to any size. Also there is no set fuel consumption. It is variable by the amount of air and fuel applied and the heat required.
Computer fans will NOT work. They have no air pressure to speak of and are too weak for any practical burner purpose regardless of size.

Have a look at my youtube channel for more info on fuel control, blowers and different burner designs. This will help to get some idea of the principals involved in making these thing. I do not have, use or draw up plans. There is no set sizes these things need to work, I simply build them out of whatever I have around at the time. It is the principal of operation that is important to keep in mind not the dimensions.

Hope people find this useful.

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    2 years ago

    Your a champ glumly


    4 years ago

    The video does not show up on a smart phone. Can you include a link?


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome. I'm going to make one out of a muffler.


    I was gonna make a safety suggestion, but after watching my stamp collecting videos I forgot what it was. ;-)

    p.s. the city of Adelaide wants the missing parking lot fence post returned, without the holes.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Very cool!

    Thanks for sharing this, and welcome to instructables!