Watalappan - a Traditional Sri Lankan Moor Desert




Introduction: Watalappan - a Traditional Sri Lankan Moor Desert

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Watalappan is a rich and sumptuous dessert with a hint of spice. Although a traditional Sri Lankan Muslim dessert which makes a popular appearance during the Eid festive seasons and weddings, it has become a firm favourite among many Sri Lankans and graces the dessert spreads of many a festive occasion. When Watalappan is included in the dessert menu, it is a motivation for guests to limit their portions of the main course so that they can eat their hearts out for desert. I sometimes eat my desert before meals too if it's watalappan.

During festivals, it's a must that I send watalappan for my husbands office. ... it is expected :-)

They have served this in the Sri Lankan Air Lines. But trust me, that doesn't come close.

Step 1: Ingredients

10 eggs

500g juaggery

1/4 cup hot water

2 cups thick coconut milk

few cardamons

1 tbsp vanilla

It's pretty simple and tastes great when you have good juggery. I think it's full proof. My MIL said you must mix it right and feel the texture. Trust me, I did not feel any texture, I just did it this way and it has turned out wonderful for the past 5 years since I started making it.

Step 2: Beat Up Your Eggs.

Please excuse the egg quantity as when I plan to make watalappan...I make a huge quantity as it will not last.

Step 3: Grate Up the Guggery

Step 4: Add Warm Water and Stir Till It Desolves

You can also just add normal water and keep on a stove top and stir., but this is easier and quicker.

Step 5: Now Mix All the Ingredients

Simply add the jugery, milk, Cardamons and vanlla and mix into the egg mixture.

Step 6: Beat It Up Well

Step 7: Strain in to Your Bowls

Now Strain into pudding bowls or any pyrex dish you like and bake in 180 degrees. for 20-30 min. You can always open and check after 20 miniutes after baking . Just slip a knife in. It is soft but not liquiddy.

Genrally people steam. But I found that when you steam it separates the coconut milk a bit to the top, which I don't like. When you bake, The whole wattalappan gets its dotty holy look :-). Which is what makes watalapan great instead of tasting like a regular pudding :-?

Step 8: Here It Is All Baked!

Step 9: Enjoy It!

Watalappan is great with bannana, ice cream or just plain!

Try it and let me know what you think. :-)

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    Slippery arm
    Slippery arm

    4 years ago

    What exactly is juggery


    4 years ago

    Juggery is not readily available where i am ... can you use brown sugar instead?


    Reply 4 years ago

    People have usued brown suger, but I am not sure of the quantity. Will check and let you know.