Watch Annihilation on Netflix UK From America

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This guide will quickly show you how to watch the new movie Annihilation on Netflix if you live in America or Canada come March 12th.

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Step 1: What You Will Need

  1. A netflix account
  2. An Internet Connection
  3. A VPN like NordVPN

Step 2: Download NordVPN

First signup to NordVPN at this link for an amazing $3.29 per month on a 2 year plan. Next, download the app on either the Google Play Store, Apple App Store or on the PC direct from their website.

Step 3: Setup NordVPN App

Once you've downloaded the app, click on the little man in the top left corner and choose sign in.

Input your credentials from the NordVPN welcome email and click SIGN IN.

Next, click the LIST button in the bottom right hand corner and choose UNITED KINGDOM from the country list.

Next we need to sort the list by Alphanumerical order to make it easier to find the following Netflix Compatible server numbers.

15-20, 30-34, 36-41, 47-51, 53-101, 190-192, 196-207, 228-239, 248-251, 256-279, 300-323, 328-331, 348-351, 368-371, 376-383, 389-396, 413-416, 441-464.

Choose a server and click the POWER button to activate it. Once it turns green, you are ready to open Netflix.

Step 4: Watch Annihilation on Netflix in America

Open Netflix and search for Annihiliation. If it's past March 12th 2018 (the official Netflix Release Date) then you can enjoy this great film right now!

Make sure you checkout the TechWizTime Website and the Annihilation Netflix YouTube Video for more great content.



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