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Introduction: Watch Band Stainless Steel - Seiko Rolex Omega

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If you have a stainless steel watch band and are missing the "end links" which are the small parts that connect/match a watch to a wristband, no worries, you can easily make them.

WARNING: This fix only works on watches that have the lug holes drilled all the way through (see second picture); otherwise, it is very difficult to remove the watch band once you install it.

This can be used on a regular watch but it is going to be difficult to remove the watch band once you install it, the reason being, you can't reach the "watch pins" to compress them due to the solid rivets installed. Read on.

Step 1: Measure Once

Start by finding out the size of the missing end links.

Use calipers set to read millimeters since that is the common unit in the watch world

Measure the width of your watch (in my case it is 22mm) = A

Measure the size of the watch band that is missing the end link (in my case it was 10 mm) = B

Now subtract 22-10 and div 2 = 6.

Each end link has to be 6 mm

Step 2: Find the Right Rivet

After looking around for a long time, the light came on and I decided to use rivets.

Find the right size of rivet (thickness wise) for your watch.

Push out the pin since you only need the rivet's body.

Step 3: Size to Taste

Trim off the part of the rivet's head since you only need the body.

Then with a file, size the end link until you reach the desired length. In my case it was 6 mm. Try on the watch the sized rivets along the way to get the proper length.

Step 4: Custom Fit

Enjoy your custom watch band.

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