Watch Compartment

Introduction: Watch Compartment

In this instructable I will show you how to make a watch into a secret compartment. The compartment is large enough for a mini SD card or a coin or two.
Things you need

1 Non digital watch (cheap because it will no longer function afterwords)

1 small standard screwdriver or a knife ( I am not responsible for any harm done to you while doing this project)

Step 1: Removing the Mechanism

First You will most likely encounter a twist-able rod on the outer watch. I recommend just pulling it out with pliers. After this you use the small screwdriver to pry off the back. Then you should pull out the inner workings( sorry there aren't any pictures of the mechanism I did this before I made this instructable). To do this you might need pliers depending on the watch.  When removing the mechanism remove the hands first then the rest should just slide out. After this you can keep or throw away the remaining mechanism but keep the watch face to hide your secret.

Step 2: Hiding

To make the watch much less suspicious you must first put the watch face back in as it was. After all the eye sees what it expects to see. Next put in whatever you're hiding I used a quarter and a penny as a size reference. Finally reattach the back confident that no thief will steal your "cheap" watch.

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