Watch Tv,read,play Games (and Don't Worry) While You're in MSN

Introduction: Watch Tv,read,play Games (and Don't Worry) While You're in MSN

Have you ever been waiting for someone in MSN?
Have you ever played a game while you were connected?

When you wait you get bored, when you get bored you play a game, but if you play a game you don't realice when someone get's online(sound doesn't work properly).But what about the internal speaker?

Have you ever need someone's help but he was a playing a game and didnt' know that you were talking?

Step 1: Download Windows Live Messenger , Messenger Plus!

Make sure you have Windows Live Messenger, you can download in

Make sure you have Messenger Plus Live, you can download it in

Step 2: Download the Beeper Script

Now go to

and download the last version. The file name must be something like beeper.en.plsc for the english version.

Download it. Make sure the file extension is plsc, some file managers may download it as a zip file. Rename extension to plsc.

Now, double clic in the file and say yes. Wow!! the script it's now installed!

Step 3: Enable the Beeper Bot

When you are playing or watching a movie, you don't want to get disturb if it's not important.Beeper bot will attend your conversations and say to everyone who try to speak to you that they can warn you by writing the !beep command.

Go to messenger plus! menu, beeper menu and click on "configure contacts...". Select a contact and click on "Enable Beeper...", configure a message for this contact, typically "I'm busy, if it's important write !beep" or something similar, the confirmation message tell the user that !beep command has succesfully executed and the reconfirmation message warn the user if the PC is beeping. Repeat this step for every contact that you want to allow to use this service. Beeper will ignore unset contacts, so it will be like beeper it's not installed for this contacts.You can use Enable Beeper to all and save some time...

Now you have to enable beeper in at least one status. Go to messenger plus! menu, beeper menu and then click on "Enable when...". Check Busy state. This will do that every time you go to busy status beeper will enable the bot, otherwise beeper will be like it's uninstalled. You can also check Away and Idle for example. Now go to one of the selected status to activate the beeper bot, for example busy.

You will see "(under beeper) " plus your old personal message in your personal message. This prefix message will be erased when you go to an status in which beeper is disabled. Sometimes this not happen but you can delete it manually if this is the case. Beeper bot is enabled.

Play your favorite game, if some of the enabled contacts speaks to you, beeper bot will reply with your message. If then they write !beep, your PC will start beeping. You can also change the beep characteristics in the messenger plus! menu,beeper menu "Configure beep ...".

The Enable hardware button by now does not do anything,it's for a future version.

Step 4: So... Your Friend Stops Chatting Suddenly

So... you're having an important conversation with your friend when he stops chatting... maybe he's busy for 10 minutes, but you can do other things while he comes back...

See the image for details...


Step 5: For Those Who Never Signs In...

You're watching tv and the computer is on, a friend of you that you didn't chat since the last month signs in... and you are really interested to chat with him... but you're watching tv...

Beeper can beep when he/she signs in...

In configuration window, select a contact and click in notify event...

Then select the event...

Step 6: Finish

Now you have beeper installed and working.

More in

I hope you like it ;),


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    11 years ago on Introduction

    this is really cool sounding i will come back and let you know what i think after i try it


    13 years ago on Introduction

    I don't know if this belongs on Instructables. Seems like it should be in the how-to on your site, but not here.


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    If it belongs in a how-to on any website... It surely has a place here :)