Watching Man

Intro: Watching Man

This is an electric sculpture inspired by Metalmorphosis ( By reading this, you'll learn:

1). Basics of Rhinoceros (3D Modeling) & Grasshopper (Parametric Design)

2). Data Preparation for Laser Cutter

3). Image Processing in Processing

4). Arduino and Connection to Processing

The concept of this sculpture is to create an interactive object that reacts to the input video. Using Processing and a camera attached on a computer, it detects the motion of a person working in front of the computer. If a person is focused on his/her work and few movements are detected, the sculpture continue rotating individually. However, if a person looses concentration and his/her movements become bigger, the sculpture will look at you.

Step 1: Rhinoceros & Grasshopper

First, download Rhinoceros( and Grasshopper( if you haven't done before.

If you are Windows users, open Rhino and type "Grasshopper" in the command line.

If you are Mac users, open RhinoWIP and type "ExplicitHistory" in the command line.

In Grasshopper, open the file(Watching

You can put whatever 3d model you want. Search any files you want in Thingiverse( or wherever you know.

Step 2: Data Preparation for Laser Cutter

This time I used this file. The rectangles represent wood board I was using and red lines represent cut-out lines and blue engraving. I used VLS 6.60 laser cutter. If you are using UCP software you can just type "print" in Rhino and then the data will be sent to UCP. Make sure the color and width of the lines.

Step 3: Image Processing in Processing

Download Processing from here (

Don't forget to change the port!

Step 4: Arduino and Connection to Processing

Just use this file for Arduino.

Step 5: Assembly



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    Awesome sculpture. I always love it when people combine electronics and art.