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Introduction: Water Activated Hidden Art

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Easy and fun art project for paved backyard or walkway. Using a stencil and a water resistant spray coating, you can make designs that will appear when it rains or you wet them.

Step 1: Materials


Waterproofing spray sealer

Masking tape


Step 2: Set Up Stencil and Mask Surrounding Area

This will make sure you have a crisp image and to accidental over spray that can mark the surrounding area.

Step 3: Spray According to Directions and Let Dry

Step 4: Remove Stencil, Splash Some Water and Enjoy!

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    It depends on the product used and the elements it is exposed to. I have some that lasted a couple of years before losing detail.

    Yes, I have trouble remembering where they are sometimes.

    This is really neat! Nice usage of Never Wet! that would be cool at the stairs near a pool or beach!

    Neat! I just got this stuff at the Dollar Tree and will try it out!

    Elaina M

    Question 7 weeks ago

    Really love this concept. What does the pavement look like when it's dry? Can you see any distinction between where you have used the Waterproofing spray sealer and the raw pavement?

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    Here you go! I have been doing one design every week, due to my schedule. The star was done three weeks ago, the shell two weeks ago, and the sand dollar this week. You see that the design blends into the surface in couple of weeks and continues to resist water.


    Thank you so much for the pictures! They fade really well and are practically undetectable if you weren't looking for it.

    It looks a little faint. It takes about a week for the sun to fade the spray a bit so there is no distinction. It has been rainy, I will post a dry picture when we have a good sunny day.

    Would this be visible on a lighter/concrete surface? If not, does anyone have recommendations for darkening rhe pigment without compromising the "invisibility"? Thanks!

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    Yes it will. The water will darken the concrete to reveal the art.

    I'm pretty sure, it would work on light concrete, as long as it turns darker when it's wet. The image stays the colour it was when dry.

    No, eventually with time it will fade or you could excellerate the process probably scrubbing with soap & water.