Water & Air Powered Bottle Rocket.



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This is an extremely easy fun backyard project for kids of 5 to 10 years. This will help them to understand the basics of rocket science.

Step 1: This We Are Going to Use...

We will need -
Plastic bottle.
pastel paper or thin cardboard sheet.
pencil and scale.
fixing clay.
duck and transparent tape.
inflating tube.
air pump ( hand).
a curious mind etc.

Step 2: Make Its Fin (not a Nice Word to Use Here).

Mark three congruent triangle on the pastel sheet. Make design if you want to make it attractive. Cut the pieces out.

Step 3: Make Its Head, So It Becomes Aerodynamic.

Cut out a circle from the pastel sheet.
cut out a sector from the circle in order to make a cone of it. Make the base of the cone accurately the size of bottles base. Add tape to the cone, to make it rigid.

Step 4: Join the Fins and the Head Cone to the Bottle Correctly.

Join the cone to the top of the bottle.
Mark 120° on the surface of the bottle. Join the fins on the marks correctly. So it should not vibrate or did balance while flight.

Step 5: Add Some Weight on the Neck of Bottle.

We need to balance the bottle. We can do this by adding weight to the of bottle. I used fixing clay and fixed it on the neck of the bottle. You can use anything you want. I covered the clay with duck tape to look nice. Its up to you.

Step 6: Making the Thrusting System.

Take a cork and fix a inflating tube in middle of it. Fill 1/3 of bottle with water, before sealing it with cork and cap. Add some glue to tube and cork. Fix both on the mouth of bottle tightly so there should be no leakage.

Step 7: Make Up a Launching Pad.

You can use thermo col for making the pad. Remember your base should be slightly above the ground and bottle should be straight facing upward.

Step 8: Take Off.

Join the inflating tube with air pump.
Pump some air. Do until the rocket takes off. If you want to make its range more, you can add a pin on the neck of bottle which will able to control the pressure of inside. Just pull the pin safely and your rocket will zoom even higher in sky. You can take help of elders in launching. Your area should be clear of debris, houses, wires and any other things that can cause trouble.

Step 9: Enjoy.

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