Water Bottle Dirt Bike Noise for Bike!!

Introduction: Water Bottle Dirt Bike Noise for Bike!!

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Have you ever wanted to make that dirt bike noise on your bike, while recycling? Well here ya go. This idea came by accident when I tried to stop my friends bike by jamming a water bottle in the back tire.

Step 1: Materials

Water bottle

(well that was hard)

Step 2: Insertion?

Just jam the bottle in the back tire like in the pic.



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    this is another good idea, you could use a pokemon card, anyone with a little brother generally has at least one pokemon card

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    this works too if you put a pop can in sideways.

    Sure I can't get to box at the center, but I can still read it: " ha ha" ... That was a waste of time...

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    i have a tablet pc so jokes on you