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Introduction: Water Bottle Funnel

A more efficient funnel that you can make without too much trouble. This is an idea that came to my friends Richi Valdez mind during our mobilization in Iraq. I was in charge of the special project team and we were building and improvising all kind of stuff for Iraqi civilians few years ago. In Iraq there are not to many choices for drinks and water is the number one (and probably only) choice.

Water is given all around the sand box and those bottles get thrown away like candy. Going to the gym to work out is a good hobby. There are a lot of suplements that the military installations sell or you can get them online and putting them in water is the easiest choice but those little bottle mouth holes are a big pain in the a.. to get those supplements inside them. Getting a funnel there is another big issue but we came up with this idea.

This is an improvised funnel that we used in Iraq and even back home is easier for me to use because it goes screwed on almost any water bottle. Any question please feel free to ask. Thank you.

This is dedicated to my friend Richard Valdez.

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Step 1: Items, Tools and Procedure...

Just a Dremel, Crazy Glue, a water bottle and two bottle caps it's all you need.


1. Cut the bottle top part (funnel).

2. Glue two bottle caps together (top to top).

3. Make a hole through both caps.

Step 2: Done

You can use it in almost any water bottle. Thank you.

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    2 Discussions


    4 years ago on Introduction

    yeah thanks a lot, that's a really great stuff you did there !

    I made it myself, but to have a cone-shaped bottom to be able to filter tinier things and use it to transfer liquid to bottles, i just cut down a few-centimeter slice out of the bottle and scotch it to the bottom of the funner. It's perfect!!!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Great idea!

    I reuse old beverage bottles for a lot of things and have been frustrated by not always having a quick and effective funnel. This is will work great!