Pencil Case Made Out of Water Bottles




Introduction: Pencil Case Made Out of Water Bottles

Thank you for checking out my Instructables project! In this Instructable, I will be showing you how to create a cheap, simple, yet versatile pencil case out of everyday materials.

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Step 1: Materials

The materials needed for this project are:

- Two 16 oz water bottles

- Spray paint color of your choice

- Super glue or hot glue

- Zipper

- Scissors

- Box Cutter

- Masking Tape

- Face Mask

- Gloves

Step 2: Cut Materials to Size


1. Create a line around the bottle right under the label

2. Cut on this line around the entire bottle

3. Keep the bottom half of the bottles

Step 3: Attaching the Zippers


1. Split the zipper in half (detach one side from the other)

2. Lay one half of the zipper on a flat surface

3. Apply your glue periodically on the fabric portion of the strip

4. Take the bottom half of the bottle you cut and place it onto the glue, make sure there is a bit of space between the mouth of the bottle and the zipper's teeth

5. Keep on applying more glue along the zipper and just roll the bottle along with the glue you place

6. Repeat this with the other half of the zipper (make sure the second half is in the same orientation as the first half so that they can still connect)

7. Cut any excess zipper off

Tip: If your zipper has a hard time sliding smoothly, you can rub a candle onto the zipper's teeth to give it lubrication

Step 4: Customizing


1. Put masking tape over the zipper portion to shield it from the paint

2. Clean the surface of your pencil case and make sure it is dry

3. Choose a spray paint color of your choice

4. Go outside or into a well-ventilated area and place your case onto a surface that has newspaper to avoid ruining the surface

5. Put your mask and gloves on

6. Spray your paint onto your two bottle halves

7. After waiting for the paint to dry, remove the masking tape

8. Congrats you're done! You now have a cool pencil case customized to the color of your liking!

Step 5: Video

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    That's a neat way to reuse them :)