Water Bottle Trap

This is a very funny prank, in which you can get revenge on April Fools, or any other day. The basic idea is this: you give your friend a water bottle. They try to open it, but it won't untwist. Once they try hard enough, the plastic will break and the water will be spilled all over them.

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Step 1: Supplies

For this prank you need:

2 Water bottles that have bumps on them (like shown on the picture)

A lighter

Something to cut a water bottle in half (like a utility knife)


Step 2: Make the Water Bottle

For this prank, you have to build your own water bottle, so that when your victim tries to open the water bottle, it will split in half. Take the labels off both of your bottles but save one for later. Now, cut the first bottle half way below the neck of the bottle so it is cut in two. Keep the top half. On the other one, cut around the third line from the top. You will keep the bottom half. Place a lighter below the top half so that the plastic melts inward. Now put grease around the edges of the top half and place the two halves together. Then, hot glue the lid on the bottle, so that it is impossible to open. Finally, put the label back by gluing it on with your hot glue gun.

Step 3: Give Your Water Bottle to the Victim

Now all you have to do is give your "water bottle" to the victim, and wait for the laughs.

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    6 Discussions


    3 years ago

    I think Mr. David Lister's comments are worth more than his vote could have hoped for. Bravo!!!

    So you are telling kids to melt plastic...

    This is as dumb as the pillock who was suggesting the 'hand in the waste disposal' prank.

    High risk of inhaling highly toxic smoke and the getting serious skin burns leading to life long scarring when the plastic catches fire and melts onto them. And not forgetting the risk of further fires when they throw the now streaming flaming plastic away as they scream in pain.

    You will NOT be getting my vote either!

    4 replies

    Sheesh! Lighten up. buddy! Everything interesting in life carries some risk. If we worried about everything that could go wrong, we wouldn't even get out of bed. Wait... Staying in bed is risky too... you might lose your job, or get bedsores, or...

    Lighten up...LIGHTEN UP?
    I point out the stupidy, no, RECKLESS STUPIDITY of your suggestions and i should 'lighten up'?
    Should i post photos of my mate's leg that is STILL scarred from when HE was messing around with burning plastic over thirty years ago?
    But hey, if you think it's ok for you to get kids messing around with burning plastic, i just hope you can live with yourself when you read about a kid being in hospital waiting for skin grafts!

    And where were the parents of these hypothetical kids when they were playing with fire, hmm? You'd better ask for all the Instructables about forging metal to be removed, too. Imagine the scars from molten steel!

    In case you haven't noticed, Instructables is not a site aimed at kids. It assumes you are adult enough to understand that following these instructions is at your own risk. If you can't accept that, may I suggest the Club Penguin website instead. You're welcome.