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Introduction: Water Bottle VaporLock Preventor

Summer is here, and there is nothing like going into the fridge, and getting a cold drink from your gallon water dispenser, SO as you hold your cup underneath and it's pouring out that ice cold tea, and then stops..

So you put your cup on the counter and then you gotta pull the bottle out, and then open up the cap so its sitting loose and then the tea starts flowing all over your shirt, you put the container and loose cap back in the fridge, fill your drink, and then days later you pull the container out and spill it all over the fridge (because you left the cap off)

This very simple instructable fixes that problem.

Step 1: How to Make It

you need a small piece of rubber, or waterproof material, cut it in the shape of the Starship enterprise,

(image #3) making a flap and a stopper area, place it on the Cap of the water container, mark a center hole, drill (1/4" hole is large enough) make sure you get rid of any edges sticking up, trim flap and use waterproof food safe glue (100% silicon is one) or double stick scotch tape glue flap over bottom hole. (make sure you leave the round area glue / tape free so it can flap open and close)

make sure you clean the cover carefully for any loose plastic, then fill your container, with your drink of choice, and ENJOY!

Oh I turned the container over, and it didn't stop dripping completely, BUT enough to not have a major spill.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Just a afterthought, In the future if I find a big enough piece of soft rubber, I may make the whole cap liner (the part under the cap) as the stopper and holder for better waterproofing.