Water Colour Prank

Introduction: Water Colour Prank

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This is a simple yet funny prank

Step 1: Materials

-a tap (the front must be able to screw off)
-gel or powder food colouring

Liquid food colouring wont work cus it will drip through

Step 2: Setting It Up

Turn the front end off , put the food colouring in and turn it back on

Step 3: Executing the Prank

Get a victim and let them turn the tap



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    5 Discussions

    Thats the thing about powder or gel foodcolouring its cheap an if the front end has mesh on the colour can rinse out

    What ever yall do don't use egg tablets I had seen someone use those on another instructable and i did it correctly and it blew up the sink and my parent s weren't very happy

    I wil try putting this in the shower head