Water Feeder for Small Animals




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This is an easy water feeder that you can make in about 10 minutes

Step 1: What You Need

tin can

3/4 inch pvc pipe (around 5 inches)

3/4 inch pvc corner

glue gun

knife and pliers

Step 2: Close

squash the open end together with the pliers

Step 3: Make Hole

on the bottom of can, cut out a hole the size of the pvc pipe

Step 4: Seal Both Ends

seal the end of the can and then

place the pvc in the hole and seal also with the glue gun

Step 5: Fill Em Up

connect the corner pvc

just fill with water and let the animals enjoy themselves

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    Reply 2 years ago

    you fill it up with water. the water goes into the can in the back, and as the animal drinks more water flowes out