Water Filter




Introduction: Water Filter

what you will need.

  • gravel
  • sand
  • activated carbon
  • coal
  • cheese cloth
  • coffee filter

Step 1: Cut Through the Middle of the Bottel.

cut through the bottom of the bottel about 5 inches from the bottom so about the middle.

Step 2: Take the Bottel Cap Off and Put Cheese Cloth.

put the cheese cloth on and made it tight with a rubber band

Step 3: Smash Up Activated Carbon

smash up the activated carbon and put it inside the bottle

Step 4: Smash the Coal

smash the coal and put it inside.

Step 5: Get Fine Sand and Put Inside.

put the sand inside.

Step 6: Put Gravel Inside

get gravel and put it inside over the rocks.

Step 7: Put Filter on Top

put filter on top and your ready to use it be sure to secur the filter with a rubber band

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    6 years ago

    fyi coal can contain chemical contaminants that are not good for you - sulphides i believe - and is not required since you're using activated carbon (AC). it's the AC's high surface area and charge that captures organic chemicals such as Cl. sand acts as a good particulate filter. as an improvement you can use ion exchange resin to capture some of the inorganic ions as well such as CaCO3... i believe there are natural rocks that would fulfill this role, but off hand i can't remember which. keep up the good work!