Water Jingle Bells

Introduction: Water Jingle Bells

How To Play Jingle Bells With Water

By h23grmerr

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Step 1: Materials

You need:

- A makey makey circuit

- A wire connector

- 6 alligator clips

- 5 containers that can hold water

- 1 sheet of paper

- 1 writing utensil

Step 2: Obtain and Wire Your Circuit

First you need to have a makey-makey with six alligator clips. Once you have the makey-makey and alligator clips plug it into your computer. You also need to have the makey-makey piano website open. The website link is http://makeymakey.com/piano/. If you are having trouble, follow the picture above.

Step 3: Get Water

Fill five containers with water. Make sure that you can touch your finger to the water easily and you can touch the water inside each container without having to move around. The picture above is an example of water containers.

Step 4: Wire the Piano

Put each alligator clip in each water container. Make sure that, for example, the alligator clip is linked to the space then you put it in the container that you want to play the space.

Step 5: Write the Sheet Music

You need to write the notes. You can write them either with arrows pointing right, left, up and down and space or you can write them as C, D, E, F, and G. Left is C, up is D, right is E, down is F and space is G.

Step 6: Connect and PLAY!

Hold the alligator clip, make sure you’re touching the metal, and tap the water for whichever note it is connected to. Use your instructions and then you can play jingle bells! At this link there is a video of an example of jingle bells being played.

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