Water Marble Paint BIG Things!




Introduction: Water Marble Paint BIG Things!

I'm sure you've seen all those cool water marble paints of nails and small things, but i wanted to do this style of painting on larger items. Somewhere on the internet I found a blog that mentioned using Spray Paint instead of Nail Polish. The main reason she did this was to save money instead of buying a lot of mini nail polish bottles, but it makes it super quick and easy too. I couldn't find an Instructable on it so I decided to make one.


-Spray Paint in Multiple Colors

-Blue Painters Tape or Similar (Something to mask off your item)

-A Large bucket or something to hold water in (this should be big enough to completely submerge whatever item you want to Paint Dip)

-Something to Dip (I used a few vases I found at the Dollar Tree Store)


-A drop Cloth, if you don't have one readily available, you can cut a trash bag down the side and bottom to open it up and lay it out on the ground.

-Gloves, it can get messy

-A stick or rod to help clean up the extra paint in the Bucket

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Step 1: MASKING....

This is a super low cost project. They have a variety of Vases and other items that you could use at the Dollar Store. You could do Vases, Plant Pots, Etc. They could also be great gifts when done right.

The best way to keep clean lines on your finished product is to mask off the areas you don't want painted. I wanted to use these vases to hold flowers, but wanted the top to stay clear. The bottom needed a bit more texture and color, so I left that unmasked so that the paint would go there.

I used some Blue Painters Tape to mask off the areas and create a pattern. I suppose a variety of tapes should work since the item isn't in the water very long, but experiment what works best for you. You just want it easy to peel off later and not leave any residue.

I tried a variety of patterns, but like the bottom right one the best in the end. They all turned out pretty well, but the geometric details with the positive and negative spaces looked best to me. Cut the tape into strips or shapes and stick them to your item. It's okay if the tape overlaps the other tape, these will all get peeled off later. The main thing to remember is to make sure the edges are pushed down all the way so that you get a crisp edge.



Get a bucket (this was also from the Dollar Store) or something to hold your water and paint in. Just make sure it's big enough to fully dunk the part you want to paint into the water.

Fill up the bucket with cool water and spray some paint into the center. It will float on top of the water. Spray your next color in the center (could also be off-center, depending on the look you're going for), it will push your first color to the outside of the bucket. Try to stay fairly close to the surface of the water when spraying and as always with spray paint, do this in a well-ventilated area. Once I filled up the bucket with enough paint, I tapped the side of the bucket to create some ripples and help swirl the paint around a bit. Once it looked pretty cool, I got my vase and dipped it in.

You should put your item in slowly, and it seemed to work best when I put it in at an angle. Once the item is dipped, hold it underwater for 5 seconds or so to let the paint set. At this time do a sharp twist on your item to help break any excess paint off of it. As a better option, you could use your finger or a stick of some kind to gather all the paint floating on the top and pull it off so that it doesn't accidentally get on your item as you pull it out of the water.

Lay your item out to dry completely. I think I waited about 3 hours to be sure. I placed them upside down with the unpainted side as the base. Then unpeel the tape off of the item and see what magical paint is left on there. These looked great in the end and I'm eventually going to use this on a concrete planter for my garden.

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Thanks for reading my Instructable with many more to come. For project updates or other things that I do, check out my website at www.StudioDarose.comor follow me on Social Media:Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter @StudioDarose

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    3 years ago

    WAY cool!! Can't wait to try this!!!